About Us

We at the BoomBooty team offer you the instant and long-term effect you deserve!

We started our company in 2020 and have made over 250,000 people worldwide happy with our BoomBooty Leggings and contributed to more self-love.

Of course, our BoomBooty Leggings are not an alternative to a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

However, if our leggings only minimally improve the well-being of our customers by hiding any problem areas, we are more than satisfied.

Despite all this, we plead to Selflove- because every person is beautiful as he is!

Our main focus is customer satisfaction, we want you as a customer to enjoy an exceptional buying experience so we can welcome you as a returning customer.
We make this possible by:

✔️First class customer service.

✔️Enough cooperation with suppliers

✔️Good relationships with shipping companies

✔️Strict quality control.


We are here for you.

We make this possible with our BoomBooty family.

You can reach us anytime at info@myboombooty.com